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:: I forgot my password
Anyone feel the need to be MOD?
Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:14 pm by meanwood_monks
Been thinking about this for a while now.

Some of you guys/gals have been here since day 1. Cheers for all your support over this time.
Was wondering if anyone was wanting to keep an eye on things and have MOD rights here.

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 ROF Thorpe Arch Dec 08 12 snaps

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UrbexLeeds Regular
UrbexLeeds Regular

Posts : 655
Location : Leeds

PostSubject: ROF Thorpe Arch Dec 08 12 snaps   Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:10 am

16 Royal Ordanance Factories were built to manufacture munitions during the second World War. ROF Thorpe Arch produced various ammunitions including mortars for the army and bombs for the RAF. It was connected by a circular railway, and linked to the main line. Today Thorpe Arch is a shopping park, as well as housing the Northern Reading Room, Northern Listening Service and Document Supply Centre of the British Library. Another part is a prison, originally HMP Thorp Arch, now HMP Wealstun. It is also where Leeds United have their training facilities.

I was surprised by how much remained in the middle of a trading estate. I'd been to the factory outlets, also housed underground, but not seen what else remained. My first view was fairly promising, a hidden platform linked to a large, derelict room.

No machinery remained.

An empty room. Someone had fairly recently spent the night in here.

There were a few of these large rooms, boarded up in places and empty. Some of them had been converted to warehouses.

Sadly, in recent years, many of the buildings have been pulled down, leaving piles of twisted concrete and bricks. A lonely lamp.

Moss grows over roads and paths that connected the buildings. Unfortunately I am disappointed with the appearance of my ears on this photograph.

This was a ruined building, hidden between the man-made mounds built to disguise the factory from the Luftwaffe.

Familiar rubbish inside.

My favourite shot of today.

ROF Thorpe Arch actually closed twice, once at the end of the second world war, and agin in April 1958 after the Korean War had fininshed.
One of the remaining platforms.

Even though much of the southern part of the site has been flattened, odd bits remained. The shape gave this away from a distance, and I began to get excited as I got closer. Could it be?

The air-raid shelter was hard to see into, and was blocked by aggressive brambles at one end. The other end gave me a bit more to work with. The drainage chanel looks full, and I was pleased to notice the old tyres sheltering from any bombs. Are they brackets to hold benching?
Inside the shelter.

An enjoyable place to visit.
If you have a partner who thinks exploring is for subnormal freaks, this would be a good place to wander around, as there are some shops for them, and exciting war time remains for you. And a big pirate ship if you have got kids.
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Posts : 590
Location : Leeds, UK

PostSubject: Re: ROF Thorpe Arch Dec 08 12 snaps   Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:06 pm

Nice report there rich fella.
Something a little different for the usual ROCs and bunkers. Nice one Happy Clap

Looking in the shadows
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Posts : 3

PostSubject: Re: ROF Thorpe Arch Dec 08 12 snaps   Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:42 pm

Bloody Brilliant!!!
Ilive a mere mile away from this place, and i'm always fascinated by it!
and you're right... it is a shame to see a vast place like this(which was virtually intact) being pulled down. im going to have to go up there in the near future, as i vividly recall going into some buildings which were completely hidden! aswel as an anderson shelter that still had ventilation pumps present, and working blast doors!!!!
great to see that someone has taken the time to document this place. you up for a scour of the site rich???
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UrbexLeeds Regular
UrbexLeeds Regular

Posts : 655
Location : Leeds

PostSubject: Re: ROF Thorpe Arch Dec 08 12 snaps   Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:30 am

Hi mate! I'm not around for a bit, (travelling to the Midlands) but it's worth a wander around definitely. I went on my own, and there's a fair bit to see actually, and it's all a walk in. It looks like I was a bit late in going with the demolition of buildings to the south of the site. I'd just pop up there, park by the pirate ship and cross over the main road. I'm surprised more people haven't been.
Look forward to seeing someone else's shots!
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PostSubject: Re: ROF Thorpe Arch Dec 08 12 snaps   

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ROF Thorpe Arch Dec 08 12 snaps
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